Why Hotel Booking Sometimes Gets Complicated

Booking a hotel shouldn’t be a complicated procedure.

In theory, the process should come down to finding a hotel you like in the place you’re going to, and then seeing if they have a room. If you prefer other accommodations, just replace the word “hotel.” Somehow, this simple process manages to become complicated anyway.

water-165219_1280At the most basic level, travellers want a few things consistently. They want accommodations that aren’t too far from where they want to go. They’re looking for a room that’s within their price range. They want a place that’s comfortable.

Many factors can add new considerations to the game.

For example, do you have pets? If you travel with your pets, that’s going to add another layer. Not every hotel or country club welcomes pets.

Sometimes, the website’s a problem.

You might not be able to see the hotel because there’s a lack of pictures, or they’re all at odd angles. We’ve all had to deal with that one hotel we thought was good because the photos looked good. When we got there, it turns out the angle was very misleading.

The design of the site might not be easy to navigate. Raise your hands if you’ve tried to book a room, but just couldn’t find the button to let you do that!

Currency woes can also slow things down. Do you want your customers digging up conversion rates when you could just display the room costs in their currency of choice?

Of course, sometimes the guest has a few things that make booking a challenge. People choose between reliability and flavour.

On the one hand, they want their room to have all of the comforts they know and need. Wi-fi access, running water, and other things like that.

On the other hand, they also want a room that’s in the thick of things. They want accommodations that have a touch of the local, make them feel like they’re in the local culture.

Sometimes, in some places, those two requirements don’t mix. You, as the traveller, have to choose which of the two is more important.

Finally, travellers with families might want specific features and options.

Day-care facilities, a place for kids to play during the day, and a safe area are things they might look for if they have kids. Hotels should make it visible if they have these, not just slap “family-friendly” in their description and call it done.

Complexity is not wrong, of course. There is nothing wrong with you being picky, but you have to understand that it’ll slow down your process.

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